you do not need to wait much to get your new IPhone

Apple fans in the Middle East do not have to wait long before they get the new iPhone. Because it fits the hype, glitter and glamor of an Apple release, the company found the details of its new phone mode
Apple fans in the Middle East now do not have to wait long before they can put their hands on what the business calls “maximum beautiful and superior” iPhones.
As is the case with hype, glitz and glamor in an Apple launch, the company announced Wednesday the details of its new mobile phone models and a brand new smartwatch in Cupertino.
And technicians would like to join a few days before they can order the latest incarnations of the industry’s most popular smartphone. Orders are executed from September 14 and delivery to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates begins on September 21st. iPhone addicts in Oman and Bahrain want to wait a week longer for iPhones to arrive in the countries every week after September 28th.
At the launch, Tim Cook confirmed the names of the new fashion types – which had leaked earlier in the day – such as the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR, as well as revealing launch dates for worldwide sites.
The predominant changes of previous models may be more focused on internal upgrades instead of layout changes, with all mod advanced with mounting of the advanced A12 chip.
The new kit is 50 percent more green and faster than the previous processor, with apps that are also 30 percent faster.
The A12 Bionic chip has an eight-point design with which extra superior research can be carried out. At the release, Apple called it a “forward-looking”.
The largest screen Apple has produced reflects the company’s attempt to feed the customer’s appetite to watch and record videos, in addition to taking photos.
The biggest information for most smartphone users was the conversion to the SIM functionality of the brand new phone, meaning that customers had access to two mobile phone numbers on the same iPhone at the same time.
but the highlight will again have the highest glowing Apple fan, while the XS Max goes to a rising $ 1, hundred – $ hundred more than the ultimate iPhone X. technology agencies can push the costs to smartphones rather than customers.
Apple spent the rest of the year iPhone X, and for the first time in more than a decade, sales were no longer on the move than predicted by analysts. but with Apple you increase the usual iPhone sales price by almost 20 percent, it meant a bumper year for the technical company.
The production of extra luxury iPhones has enabled Apple to improve profits despite the decreasing demand from people who upgrade their phones much less frequently. iPhones raised an average price of $ 724 in April-June, the length of these 12 months, a 20-percent increase from 12 months earlier. This time the iPhone XS lives on the $ 999 brand, while the iPhone XR uses cheaper fabrics and sells for about $ 750.
Apple has also introduced a brand new Apple Watch, which allows you to flow in the same way in the medical device area. It has a larger screen and an integrated sensor that can locate irregular heart and perform an electrocardiogram, in addition to detecting when a person has fallen.

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