Xiaomi 150-inch projector that’s available Now

Xiaomi has several new products and daily news in New York at Walmart. The first is 150 cents for $ 1,999.99 in Walmart, which adds Android TV. It is oddly overrated for what it is, but also a small Xiaomi expansion in American offers.

There are many things only that this project is an interesting environment for the school of 1920 x 1080p. Xiaomi claims that there is no harmonized 4K project in the United States and that the same model came to China. In 2016 you will find expensive 1080p production.

The project, the project has a number of positive, including ultra-light, can be placed 20 inches off the wall and still has bright and colorful images, unlike other projectors that can be behind the back of the room and have a lower value. There is also a speaker for the projector, because if you were too close to the laser, the shutter automatically closes the head to prevent eye drops. The device is also connected to a remote control with which a Google assistant can be called.

There are three HDMI 2.0 ports, two USB and Wi-Fi ports and Bluetooth compatibility. It also had four speakers that support Dolby sound. The sound of My Laser is decent and minimal. You just have to play the pop song, but it does not have to be great to hear the finely tuned or dubstep frenzian intense orchestral music.

Xiaomi also had a LED lamp we Lampara for 39.99. Lamp from Yeelight to $ 19.99 and your bedside table from $ 44.99. Most are available for intellectual development, including possible lights and covers for My Home. Everyone came to the white genius.

There is also a $ 14.99 smart plug that lets you control the power of energy in a local device to install my house until you return here as a machine, where you can change and delete it. In addition, Xiaomi has released the second generation My Box, My Box S, which was on Android TV 8.1 and cost $ 59.99. All products are compatible with Google Assistant.

All products are now available in the US from Walmart. This is not the first time that Xiaomi has joined Walmartem to sell the products to the United States, although the company has diversified its offer on time. We have asked Xiaomi to think about the Nazi offer for these products and to update this section with additional information.

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