Verizon launching RCS text messaging

GSMA won the power in New Jersey, the Center for Consumer Electronics SVP Verizon, Aparna Khurjekar announcement that Verizon will support RCS messaging in 2019. “The move is a significant potential because RCS is the new standard text messenger that replaces SMS, so carriers Around the world, his systems have changed to approve.

Namely, RCS Chat replaces SMS as carriers of their systems upgraded to “Profit Universal” RCS technology, which allows a link between carriers to support cleaned messages. Now very small; In the US, this list includes Sprint, United Cellular and limited support from T-Mobile. All vehicles such as AT & T and Verizon have a patented text system. Redditors maintain a social relationship between companies that do not offer support and do not support Universal Profile.

I say society GSMA Verizon RCS supports Universal Profile 1.0, but we spoke with Verizon and the company confirmed that the RCS, which had the support RCS, even for grazing plan for further invaluable Hopefully Khurjekar is an important component, Universal Profile RCS. So it’s an important step to get Google’s new generation of messaging beds on Android, RCS Chat. This is a system that makes calculations based on something more complicated, with support of types of indicators group cabs, Højme values ​​and certification. Unfortunately, it is unclear.

New Jersey law is focused on business reports, there seems to be talk about communities traffic rather than creating a conservative and robust messaging system for consumers. Some are working on you! 3C, a marketing company that produced such chatbots for Walgreens, believe that RCS will reach 147 million users by the end of 2019.

A little over a week ago Fierce Wireless warned that Twilio – bear in the middle of the day with a small stall attempts – indicated that he believes Verizon refuses to support RCS in February. According to Alpha Alpha warnings, the financial director said

Advanced, Verizon has covered everything in terms of P2P or personal data A2P or a request from a person, the same message. To use it in February, Verizon to create a new service that adds a quarter of all SMS companies.

Read the wires here and note that Verizon forvrængte pieces includes a longer messaging offer.

I was at AT & T and Google for this story, and we could not hear about it at the time of the press. Since this week, AT & T has laid the following editions to support RCS:

AT & T launched the RCS on Android devices in 2015, partly from our messaging application at no extra cost. We must operate the recovery network to support the company Profitanu Universal and forecast the development of our network and the network of disability in accordance with the modernization of the GSMA standards.

In any case, the situation is limited, the definition is complete. Whether small businesses advertise international business news and foreign news to send about Verizon in terms of social stance Pixel 3 for RCS, it seems that the replacement text messages always come – a few years later than expected. The problem here, but “when”, simpricimenti si questa: it will be “as universal” I have to work? We had to wait for the driver, Google and Apple (who are not aware of RCS support in total) to complete the construction of their systems to see ….

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