Turkey says it won’t allow a ‘cover-up’ about Jamal Khashoggi after Saudi Arabia’s explanation of his death prompts derision

Turkey said that I did not allow the leader of what happened to the journalist Jamal Khashoggiu, after Saudi Arabia, dead in his comfort in Istanbul he was.
According to Turkish media, Turkish promises to reveal to her the details of their rejection of Khashoggi’s death.
Saudi Arabia denies first role in his death, but admits that a journalist died in his consolation for “hand”.
This version of the event was created by American lawmakers and journalists.
The Turkish party’s promised state of Saudi journalist and publisher Washington Post, Jamal Khashoggis, “does not hide”.

According to the BBC and another cent to the agency on Anadolu, Turks declared her that revolves program was what Khashoggi’s death said after Saudi Arabia admire his role in this.

Turkish President Recep Erdogan’s voice, the ruling party, is quoted as saying that the country is “discovering what is happening” to Khashoggi.

“We have not made a mistake in advance, but I have no consensus on this small one,” said Omar Celik, a spokesperson.

After a longer period of global political pressure, Saudi Arabia’s renowned role of Jamal Khashoggys death. The Saudi journalist was scattered and feared since October 2 when he was last seen by the consulate in the Saudi city of Istanbul for work on his marriage.

Saudi Arabia reffauto originally real car a role in Khashoggi’s abandonment, p’aspettatu seen in the kingdom as a dissident for his criticism of the royal family present for the country in the event of a strange story. But after a solid withdrawal, the government announced in a statement Friday that Khashoggi died after a “physical conflict and conflict” with people in the building. About 18 suspects suicide Dennezai and senior leaders in the kingdom.

Saudi Arabia claims that the “Western battle” is in conflict with the Turkish version of the event. According to Turkish media, officials have no special administrators ends Khashoggi is proof that it was dismantled by the slew left to PRINTMANIA from Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman. Saudi has denied it.

The American signatories are not convinced of the Saudi version of the event. Senators Lindsay Graham wrote on Twitter: “I say, I’m afraid the new Saudi story of my Khashoggi experimental” …….

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