The Central American caravan has swelled to an estimated 7,000 migrants. Despite Trump’s threats, it’s heading north toward the US border.

migrant caravan

The migrating caravan passing through the national triangle and arriving in Mexico last weekend attracted around 7,000 people and led by the United States.
President Donald Trump was founded in opposition to the caravan, which came to allow culpeer Center Guvernamenti Americans Guerrie legally legally in the United States, Democracy Congresulanti.
Regardless of the Mexican attitude on behalf of shelter migrants and stopping their travels, many Guatemalan border crossing for illegal transit and decided to go north.
The Mediterranean hut of influential Americans has hit about 7,000 people, mainly dedicated to tourism in the United States for the benefit of some people in the United States.

The first lost caravan in Honduras on 13 October as a group of 160 immigrants, created by a large group according to the tradition that is growing. Migrants reported on the sale of brokers, and their residents were harassed by their vulgarity and widespread violence.

Dumenia went to Mexico and sang: “If you could,” Spanish for “certainly, we can!”

caravan almond
Migrant Cintraliali gives his American strategy in a large caravan that contains his son after a meeting in Tapachula, Mexico on Sunday, July 21, 2018. Related Press / Moises Castillo
President Donald Trump was forced to oppose the governments of Honduras, Guatemala and Salvador, who accused me of not telling Massu when they left the main plan.

Trump has decided to help these countries if he lives on a caravan at the American border, but has not allowed the Iraqi writer to lead our federal police to deal with this problem.

“Attempts have been made to end all illegal clays that would cross our southern border.” People will be in Mexico to use asylum and if it does not try, the United States of America will ask and ask the United States to make that fear. that they can not do it! “He used the Sunday. “Caravans are a shame about democratic celebrations, changing immigration laws.”

“If he stopped today, we only returned once”
caravan almond
The best walk through Central America in the United States starts their day in Hidalgo, Mexico, Sunday 21 October 2018. Related Press / Moises Castillo
Mexico also tried to prevent migrants from marrying illegally and asking immigration liaison officers a little over a hundred, in response to NPR. The edges of 1500 caravan members survived the Mexican military faculty.

A hundred others went to illegal Mexico, crossed the Suchiate River between Guatemala and Mexico, bathed or removed the bay. A few immigrants promised a military presence on Saturday when they settled in Mexico, reported in northern New York.

“I’m trying to enter the United States,” the Honduras woman 17, Maria Irias Rodriguez, informed Reason. He because he was with a younger and younger man. “If he stopped today, we just came back for the second time.”

caravan almond
A group of the American immigration center Crosse River Suchiate plants cheats with tractor and chests of tulips, on the border between Guatemala and Mexico, Ciudad Hidalgo, Mexico, Saturday, October. 20, 2018. Press Relación / Moises Castillo
Karavan his birth incastruità apparently aduprenda pure enough dots in a complicated character: labyrinth system kindergarten of the American government that Trump hates for his genital revolution in reverse and quickly becomes young; the gigantic process of securing a 2,000 million Mexican border; And then, with the nations that just fled, US agents have just spent a day in Guatemala.

Meanwhile, the president of the leftist Andre Manuel Lopez Obrador Domicilio quoted in the US, Canada and Mexico are going to take a turn to cash in the restoration of the property, in response to the press about it.

“The one who leaves the city is not satisfied with the need,” he said.

Lopez Obrador promoted a middle position on 1 December and ran for migration, promising jobs and visa work for Central American migrants in Mexico.

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