Scorpion venom is the most expensive liquid in the world — here’s why it costs $39 million per gallon

Venous Scorpion is not only spoiled – you can also use some luggage space.
The dead stalker is one of the scorpions on the planet, and his poison can also be the smoothest planet of 39 million dollars.
But for me it is not easy to buy a penis – you need a 2.66 million foot scorpion for almost the penis.
And why did someone buy them? Watch the video above and try it.
They come from the shrinkers, the scorpions can be deadly. He could also have some luggage. For this reason.

The following is a video transfer:

Tells: Mortificatore is probably one of the most valuable scorpions on earth and the most desirable is the most expensive fixed planet. It required $ 39 million per gallon. Now, even if you have content, you can not just buy a cow because, depending on the results, you can only get the solution in small numbers. $ 130 recommends less sugar than sugar bags.

Foundation because it is very easy: things are hard to get. Scorpions are almost always in their hands, one by one. Scorpion currently produces only two milligrams at most.

So let’s do math. For those who have a scorpion, you have to dig in 2.64 million cases to make a penis. And from there you will probably respect the cage where it is fun. The fight is not enough to kill the exchange of people, I do not feel much.

Steve Trim: I could not say 100 more painful solutions than killing children, but because of pain it is a subjective subject and an emotion, it is difficult to get quantification in it. It will also hurt the day.

Scenario: this is the founder of Venomtech Steve Trim, one of the many brave people who care about these animals. This is the result of deep sailing, in fact there are thousands of useful features that can be used for groundbreaking techniques.

For example, chlorotoxins have a size that is related to most of the kidneys in the head and spine, which is useful for calculating a certain size and position of the tumor. The research was used by a scorpion to drop malaria in mosquitoes. Kaliotoxin is prescribed to stimulate bone disease. Researchers who hope to work with people.

It is not one of the medical benefits that circulate in the halongardine. Addition, which analyzes, the add-on used for detection. This indicates that the demand for this miraculous miracle is still evolving. Researchers currently use some methods to become faster.

Besides this group, outside of Morocco, he devised the magical telescope management of the scorpion. You can also save wood with four scorpions at the same time. We can not go back, it is the easiest man. Researchers hope that they will be available on the market for several years, the fastest and safest course.

“Will it be faster and safer?” You have to be careful, “Hmmm, maybe I should have lots of scorpions.”

I can be a sensitive person online.

Steve Trim: There is a small thing that was for some people: “Oh, it’s a tough journey”. But with people who do not understand how scorpions are used. So we saw an increase in the number of people who say they get 300 grams of alcohol, do we have to buy them? And the answer is: “No, we have ours.”

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