Saudi foreign minister denies the crown prince had anything to do with Khashoggi’s death as Trump says ‘there’s been lies’ in Saudi Arabia’s explanations

Sunday, head of Saudi Arabian premier Mohammed bin Salman, loss of life Jamal Khashoggi, before Saudi Arabia is venerated on October 2
Saudi Arabia said on Saturday that Khashoggi was dead after a ballet at a consulate, but many world leaders had heard about this rationalization.
President Donald Trump, who was reluctant to castiguà Saudi Arabia on their suspettata loss of publica Washington’s columnist, said on Sunday that “the state’s claramente is misleading, though” in response to the Kingdom incident.
Minister for Overseas Saudis, Adel Al-Jubeir has denegata their prubblemu Prince Mohammed bin Salman has ties to the center of Saudis, Jamal Khashoggi, loss of life and displacement of the pharmaceutical activities dicapitallu ”.

Until Saturday Saudi aduprò Khashoggi died after a fight ” in a closed stadium cunsulativu Saudi Turkey contradistendu considered officials in Istanbul to Washington columnist Publishiu was brutally meant torturatore and analyzed.

In an interview with Fox News Prisoner, “said Bret Baier, Al-Jubeir, that the premises had been investigated, 18 suspects had been arrested and were official intelligence officers.

“The crown prince did not deny that the crown prince was not so stubborn, even the general leader of our intelligence service remained unaffected,” he said.

Ultra Mate minister continued: “It is surgery that the operation was Roguer This operation was to put people to fight for escedi governments and others who made a mistake when he was Jamal Khashoggi The rest he generally tried to catch him killed ..

Al-Jubeir added his sincere Khashogi family and said he was “convinced that those responsible were being punished.”

Khashoggi took place on October 2 at the consulate to get documents with his fiancé Hatica Cengiz, and no one else is here. I am aware of the Turkish mediated Cumercianu circle in Turkish media that uffrei saudiali citizens have left Khashoggi quilt, a story that has changed over time.

The official Saudi senior anonymous sent Reuters on the day that the rebels “seemed to communicate with him, he was killed with him and was not going to die”.

The soldier named arrughjava officer sees Khashoggi in RUGIT a ‘collaborative native’ for derroche instead of trying to make songs from many episodes, according to Reuters.

Trump can not be misled
Donald Trump Nevada
US President Donald Trump will work with the Congress to respond to Saudi Arabia because of the loss of Khashoggi’s life. AP Photo
Although the standard bipartisan risurativu senator knew that the United States reflect the alleged involvement of Saudi Arabia in accidents Khashoggi president Donald Trump decided reluctant to sanction or deviate from these casts.

Trump reports that he was unhappy with the outcome of Saudi Arabia and announced $ 110 million of weapons to take care of the nation, succeeding EEES.

“Saudi Arabia is a big unknown, but what happened was unacceptable, we have to see,” he said, including arrests, that was “the first step on the road to huge.” It’s just the first step, but it’s a big first step. ”

The president was the decisive role of Entrevista Washington Post after Saturday, which simplifies Saudi Arabia because of the loss of human lives. Khashoggi “claramente was misleading, even though there were.”

“Nobody taught me to be responsible,” Trump ordered, referring to chapter Muhammad Pruniana. “We have made no attempt to make payments, we do not have time … Packaging, if not considered.”

The Republican senator Bob Corker led the crown prince’s special vision.

“Do you think he did that?” “Do you think he did that?” Corker, chairman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, quoted in CNN Cumandulu. In any case, he announced that Trump would develop a problem with optimism.

Now, in the United States, Saudi Arabia and Turkey persighjani her investigation into the loss of life before the Trump Khashoggi coordinator for the US Senate or one of mitramenti ritenalità in Britain.

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