Oculus Go YouTube VR

YouTube simply left virtual reality on VR’s Oculus Go phone after announcing plans in September. The applications will be available in the store Oculus, join Samsung Gear VR applications, the Sony PlayStation VR headset, Google Daydream VR and VR. This is an add-on that is useful for Oculus Go, which focuses on the following video recorders and other non-players.

YouTube apple applies to 360-degree video and standard video in the VR theater. It is also as its social function because visitors can see friends with friends auriclee. The app was unique for smartphones, Google Google Card or Google Daydream View Google. We wrote a YouTube message as “killer in speaking manner” VR technology that outsourced their Google but Daydream project was slow and we have heard in recent months, but very few.

By that time, YouTube has become a standard game in the CoR’s ecosystem, as is apparently his unpleasant show of others. But you still have to wait until it starts with Oculus Quest, ready to shoot the first doll ….

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