Two years ago, Google’s release of the first Pixel smartphone came as radically as the quality of the image could carry mobile phones. Today, like anyone struggling to add, Google is expanding its title by introducing a new revolutionary new camera. It’s called Night Vision, and it effectively provides your camera to work in the dark. Only you do not need hardware or additional costs: Night Sight is a new way for a Pixel phone camera.

You can now have seen my experiment with the Night Sight version before the release launched by the enthusiasts community. And the things that the beta software can do to really inspire and crush and hurry the environment, not all models are now time for the goal of Google cheese. Pixel today’s high quality provides a way to make easier access. This week, he spoke with Google’s Yael Pritch, Senior Investigator at Night Sight, when the company built its new lifestyle and implementation of melitus.

Night vision is a big advantage because it is a software model that takes a step in performance that can lead to new hardware issues.

In the first place, Night Sight is not just a long way to balance your phone. What Google has built is an immensely intelligent fraternity for a long brutal exposure. In the past, you need a tripoptic to stabilize the camera to get a few seconds of light information, and then get a good figure in the eye. Google is a similar result with a pixel manually, lowers the repeat repeating exposure repeatedly, and reassigns into an image using the company’s algorithmic spelling. It is the development of the HDR + tool used in the main pixel camera, with some unique and premium accents.

Before the head is even made, Google’s night-time camera makes tonal multifactor calculations. On the basis of what the company is called measurements, the plan may call its movement (or lack thereof), the movement of objects in the stage and the amount of light available to determine how well the forces he wants. Then the night shots will last for six weeks and 15 frames for recording characters. Google has set a limit of a second so the phone is always perfect, or a third of a second at hand. This means that you can give six exposure seconds with one pixel on a tripod or 15 delete exposure when you hold the phone and all they eat on the last image.

To justify White Night’s White Balance, Google uses a new and more sophisticated algorithm based on learning that it was ready to start and end the reflector. Google computer photo crawlers, like Pritch and Marc Levoy, added the image algorithm in tone and white balance and presented the latest. On the technical level, the program works like the histogram of any change in chrominance slope with many variants. Google calls this Fast Fourier Color Constance (FFCC) and publishes a letter on the subject. Here is a quote from an old document that the FFCC compiles, compressing the core of the technique:

“Image imaging affects the histogram of the image for translation only in members of the chrominance log. This observation allows our transient color correction in our learning algorithm to find the histogram in this 2D space.”

In most poetic terms, the machine is scared, not color, where Pritch qualifies for “knowledge of an important image of the image”. Google is not very reliable in this approach, but only one color correction to expand the pixel camera value, but the feature works at night for the company. In addition, Pritch told me that Google is trying to make a standard for this year.

You have to skate on the image ghjuvenu Natfoto not only appeals alone Pixel cunzentativu but pure tone for brillo kidneys in the sky are not the colors that others can not be insured. Skateboard can lose its obesity reddish color, and the sky raises a natural blue helmet (like a healthy palme thanks to a big expansion). Fats such as cement in glass and smooth surfaces were positive and visible. Similar advances can be felt in the lower part of the window, which turns the image of the image, a green and very sweet color in the night.


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