Microsoft ads in Windows email

Can you use the standard client client on a computer running Windows 10 to read an e-mail? How do you think Microsoft decides to try some ads at the top of the banner?

I did not have the reticulo reticulo anymore as the window on the page. Update from Lumia is available today. It is not enough to try this idea in many countries around the world. The most common question from Microsoft should be a proactive project, a process, a theoretical test that helps the organization decide whether to install correctly.

Update, 11:52 PT: Microsoft replaces head Frank Shaw and says the company said that these ads are. It is also known that the transaction is never intended for a general test because it is not an abuse of the most frequently asked questions for a program that was offered in many countries around the world, but in the field of advertising.

But it’s just a simple A / B test to get a better idea of ​​getting the dollar. If you want to be sure, Microsoft says that the cost of Office 365 Subscription Staff costs only $ 7 each. Month ($ 70 per year).

Get acquainted with the word from Microsoft, which is only an attempt at salvation, but also that it can be done faster if it is made by my colleague Tom Warren. So it’s time to give Microsoft a sense of responsibility – maybe you do not want it publicly in the program you’ve probably bought and paid for?

(I have personal Windows 10 free when upgrading to Windows 7 – but generally you can buy or buy a new Windows computer, part of the price is a copy of Windows).

In addition, Microsoft says that you will not read the contents of your e-mail or calendar when it receives a copy of these messages, the happiness between Yahoo and AOL. (Google fled to scan targeted emails from ads in 2017). However, Microsoft is trying to target ads.

And this is not the only militant area for a user who has seen the latest backup from Microsoft. In September, Microsoft canceled an attempt to block users from Chrome browsers and tried to outdo mail users in the Microsoft Edge navigator when they clicked on the link in March.


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