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In June 2017, Instagram reported that it had begun to control the “favored function”, try to replace the list of publications and encourage more people to share by publishing them to a limited number of their subscribers. . In response to an increase in the number of Fonts – Personal Accounts for close friends only – the company has tried to provide more resources to users with a range of features that use almost all components of the application.

Almost 18 months later, Instagram hit and looks much more different than in 2017. Now, called “closed friends”, this function is limited to tracks. And even if he does not recover from the first incarnation, close friends of social dynamics can be Instagram Instagram.

To open a new feature, open the camera and make a photo or video. When your picture is over, you will see a blank letter with a new green circle. Take it up and you will be directed to a close friendly list where you can add people to the environment. Instagram will give you friends with whom you will be most communicated, or you can create a list in the search box. Twenty people are usually added to human trials, says Robby Stein, an Instagram Production Manager.

When your list is ready, you can share your close friends by clicking on a green circle to save photos or videos to your stories. (Your review: This product is inactive and may not be available for profit). Your closed friends will see a green tire so you can show your story in your stream. This is a visual sign that your close friend has something clearly shared with you and you have to go out of the usual pink grade.

Friends will never know that you have added or deleted from the list. Unlike Finstagram, people can not ask you to have close friends. When they are on the list, they will see a green tire like your great friends. If they do not, they will not do it. But you are always a “reliable illusion,” says Stein, where most people just say that you have nothing to do with your close friend.

Friends lists are not a new idea – and in many social networks they did not succeed. When I wrote in 2017:

“It’s a difficult nose to run, partly because social networks are dynamic,” said Stein. People are one day friends and leave you. In the Instagram, adding and eliminating people from the list are socially useless. The company hopes that closing the list of notifications outside the green circle can share people in smaller groups.

Forsquare’s founder Dennis Crowley has noticed for many years that a user survey could request regime only by small group lovers. Foursquare built a comment, Crowley told me, but almost all did not have that.

Facebook with Instagram is a friend. However, his performance was always ill and used in the same way. Different levels of Twitter ads and businesses have made some improvements for several years.

And I hope that close friends are not the only ones that use “close friends”. VIP or VIP badges are easily created so that people can send more messages. Instagram has not created any special tool that prevented publishers from listening to these lists, but I will ask them if they press the company as temporary labels to create them in the list of goals for their close friends.

Meanwhile, I am happy that close friends are ready. As more and more people are getting fast from Facebook to Instagram, the program has begun to try the same problem as its prime minister. When you move your photos at once, take your time with your best friend, ex-friend, colleagues and someone you’ve had with you. That’s why I find an application that tells how many people my instagram intends to read readings. Most of these people will never mix stories and leave me a silent impression that I’m just crazy.

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