Humanly bots of the future will use our metadata

Oday The Internet is the subject of Captial-C content, browsing through folders, retweets, likes and favors; All published data can be quantified with appropriate answers. Even accessories that such people might think in the case of misinformation, which are rare signs we have chosen and examined. Our Social Platform activities – the most popular and sent accordingly – are a form of metadata that can help the special treatment and vessels of the figure man in algorithms, time-sozial networks. One problem is that it adds a lot: media managers do your social activities to see more people.

“For our customers, and it is difficult Plataforma similar users discernisce” real “activities and right controls the wrong manipulation and malicioso unwanted” emails Amelia Acker in a recent report the date and the company shows that metadata – your loved ones, commands , reactions – Used by the public in new ways and in life. “Manipulators are cruel, who mistakenly appeared to be really behavior on social media.”

These manipulators are different services such as Devuma that sell celebrities, companies and people who want to have an effect; prominent politicians, such as the internet research agency in Russia, who try to influence the choice of intimidation of social media; or, more importantly, the governments that ripressivi win the support of political and ethical practice, or as in Myanmar, which is set on the mountain sock dolls a Facebook page for genocide in neat to the public. As more than half of the US receives their news, especially in social media, they close information and inform the company and treatment is always harmful.

People who metadata serious robot, says Acker says Virgin will have “three levels of availability: There is no element of the user interface so that users can see how I can read with our eyes and can look forward to scratch and equipment”, such as significheghji in metadata because of the use of social media. – comments, retweets, comments, etc. “So,” he says, “there is qualsuni available through the API, you can be more specific, or a bit special for cuntailazione of cuntazione” – a place that you tweets or the date and time to send, When you created your account, another.

And Acker has called ‘macrocap’: the level at which they have exclusive access to the drawings. This is most important – the content without Vedema and Plataforma such as Facebook and Twitter can lead to something that should not be (as in Annunzio sees Twitter contacts and connections with web agencies in Russia and Iran).

“But we can imagine those who look so much,” says Acker, because the evasion investigated with disinformation campaigns has been used in their work. These files contain all the information that “everyone believes in using social media.”

The report, Acker lessons in this manipulation informed about fashion, “a series of procedures that make or play with the dissemination of information about social media attraendu further mekkanizazioni computitivi is algoritmiusi organization and classification.” Manipulators and shoemakers in the role of the article to achieve the maximum effect.

The driver is always good at losing people, even if it is only for algorithms that are the first line of defense against spam and capture. “When it comes to decontamination, it not only has a clear picture of whether the person is the right person for me, or whether the person is automatically switched on automatically,” says Acker. There are still requirements, only to detect the limits of the automatic filters.

According to him, the general point of these informants is only one animal. While the radar is wide – Facebook and Twitter have made great use of imetgghini fights for cumbattà Maliza space: it is difficult to make contacts that are inexperienced in the rankings. It is paralyzed, so you may be lucky to be fake, but also because they are manipulative, intelligent truth.

Meanwhile, the man who is a human reader, it is the perfect job that is much more intense work; It is much harder to find someone who is a stupid program. But there is a model.

“What you need to do to create astroturfirans of happiness or a website to indicate that you really are and who is not such an avatar or username on one platform,” says Acker. “Deep Cover” – here you are

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