Google Planning to shutdown Hangouts in 2020

According to reports, the consumer’s date of Google Hangouts will be completed by 2020 on 9to5Google. Hangouts creates an identity crisis, since Google launched in 2013 Gchat replacement and lost their offices over the years, the company updated the application and deleted text messages. This change is part of the new Google Hangouts chat center, a available media animation that helps Hangouts and Hangouts chat format, Suite G, in the form of improvements. Video conferencing platform

Google asked in April “to forget its emails” to deploy new Android RCS cameras for Android messages. Kato is not formally trained as a calendar for all players, but the messages support RCS report will begin early in 2019, commemorating the 2020 combat begins.

This is not suitable for users who use Hangouts in Gmail or use it with their children or those who do not have a mobile phone. There’s a lot of excellent information here, so we will contact Google and update it as we listened to.

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