French regulators to monitor content moderation processes on Facebook

First, French President Emmanuel Macron announces that French lawmakers are studying Facebook and their attempts to reduce the signs of hatred in my practice, because it provides an important service in the French approach to how the company sees controversial content.

By 2019 French supervisors will have access to educational programs on Facebook and, if possible, discriminate or manage minority groups or other sexual, sexual or religious environments.

“In this important and welcome content from the French and Facebook governments, they have to announce a new initiative,” said Nick Clegg, the Facebook site for today’s trust and communication. “The technical regulations in the public sector are clearly good.”

There is an internal rule that supports hateful statements on these platforms, and Facebook has been millions of new falls over the past decade to support more regulatory rules. Mark Zuckerberg often promotes his investment planning in the field of artificial intelligence and machine technology that can remove offensive content before it is published. These are the types of processes that the French regulators are likely to hear.

This is not Macron’s first attempt to conduct online discourse. First year a message in which an account is placed that promises fake news online. If the law is extended, the law allows French political parties to strengthen it in the right way. A judge can be called a lie. The bill is the same in other European countries. Earlier this year, Alimagna introduced the right to resolve misinformation

The United States has the hardest thing to regulate content feed, not European contacts. Prima Ammai generally protects hate speech. Lawmakers such as Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is spread across platforms that had their name on the continent, the maintenance and maintenance of the platform was in constant reluctance against the Republican discourse.

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