Become Amazon Prime member so you can watch Aquaman a week early at participating cinemas

Members see the Amazon Prime Aquaman Theater, six days before the official launch in the United States. Each joint purchase will cost less than a week from 15 December 19:00, 10 December, 21 December at the official opening of the film.

The presentation stands on historic-friendly relations with the Amazon Theater against Netflix. In addition to previous partnerships proposed by jumanji for 2017. Hello jungle and Hotel Save Hotel 3, I’ve seen leaving original films in cinemas before submitting to the Amazon Broadcasting Service. At the same time, Netflix has attempted to stop tracking on major discounts, which is a serious criticism in the film industry. This year, though, he changed his policy of releasing Romance, but was abandoned by major film festivals.

About 1,000 Aqua’s have been launched in the United States, including AMC and Regal and National Theater Entertainment and Arclight Cinema. You can also use Atom Tickets to discuss. The December / December 15 movie is not as fast as the start of a movie with Europe and China (between 7 and 14), but the movie is not the biggest admirer of SEC.

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