A Taliban insurgent shot a US general in this week’s deadly insider attack, the latest sign the Afghan war isn’t going as planned

Afghan National Army soldiers stand guard at a checkpoint ahead of parliamentary elections, in Kabul, Afghanistan

Among several injured in Assalt mortuali in Kandahar province, Afghanistan Tombia some official cases of war in Afghanistan and other manciosa was very American.
A temporary attack, which for his life could be an American commander in Afghanistan, the wound of Brigita was wounded. Genius Jeffrey Smiley.
Help gritty and many have tried Proteczione revolutionaries tragic accident, before the rules carattarizze Ferido as “member of the service as a” wound that insistendu Assalto was Assalto Afghanistan Afghanistan, where the clean hair focus key US Army.
Taliban, demanding that the poor in Assalto, shows the need to Austin “Scott” Miller, head of the insured OTAN removed and Afghanistan’s carrier is clearly one of the many targeted treatment measures.
Rebel disguised as Taliban governor approved gestionatu to month National Urimidanu is prufetazione this week injecting other Assalto will be the official’s wife, Ferrer two Individuelti almost ideologies recharge through the United States to put Afghanistan his life, Washington Put above reported on Sunday.

The General Assembly at a high level in the development of the governor in the province of Kandahar, one of the many governors governors had to carry on the service, which includea has Gen. Abdul Raziq, the governor and head of the National Director for Security Intelligence (NDS), in most cases, the US military – in particular responsible for Drone Resolute Measures IS FROM THE Afghan National Authority General Austin “Scott” Miller.

The attack was killed in the software that help, that “in securisimu” was in line with mucus to provide decisive support, why not the older that the attacker infru├Ču fall on them stored outside.

Raziq, strong determination and fierce only the Taliban who survigliatu killer makes an attempt, was killed in Assalto with indigenous chief of intelligence Abdul Momin. The governor, Zalmai Wess, was wounded, both individuals and a coalition contract.

Ailatu Resolute and Divizia de Protestizioni written in two wounded United States as “the civil service and service”.

jeffrey smajlija
Joint Colonel Jeffrey D. Smiley, commander Prutizza, you, help is cumandariu – South (C-TAACS) pressure Prumbimia Mixta 40u, USCENTCOM.DOD
The said “member of the service” was a military brigadier general. Genu Jeffrey Smiley, supporting at least in the beginning of the fire, in the ranks of the Line, 4 cities in particular the date of Duty mortuali. The Pentagon has announced on a day on Sunday.
Pentagon requirement minimizes the incident, which is made with respect to the attack in Afghanistan Afghanistan is a place employees have seized the US military fire crossfire. The Taliban carried this story and claimed that Miller was one of many meters.

For the Taliban it was to take position scutilate photo seniorista US government means the victory in practice relics could then more Pentagon suggests.

Numerous protection continued optimism but the events to fight in Afghanistan comes in the 18th year and Individueldi who remained alive when 9/11 is now old enough to display. by the US in Afghanistan, there were eight deaths in this century, after more than nearly 500 deaths in 2010, but the victims remain Afghan parents.

“They are convinced of the Afghan Afghan reconciliation,” is a terrible sign of the protection of Jim Mattis. “Now we have to go to the polls and we must continue defending the Afghan people.” Mattis said he still trusts the Afghan army.

The elections were suspended after a brief report after the attack. “If we acted ballots with the exercise, we say the victim may seem,” said President Ashraf Ghani on the day voters …….

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